Guest Post – 10 Time Saving Hacks For Social Media

10 Time Saving Hacks For Social Media

After being held captive by the end of winter flu, I realised three things.
a) I felt like I wanted to die
b) I did not want to die with the last words I hear being from Dr Phil and
c) I had zero energy to get a post down for Signed By Sez so I needed a lovely volunteer to guest post for me this week.
Enter stage right – Chloe Thea! Chloe’s blog is the bomb diggity and has loads of awesome tips on how to manage your time and “tighten” up your life to make more time for the fun and less time for the vacuuming and bill paying (snoresville). 

So to relieve me of blogging duties here she is with her
Top 10 Time Saving Hacks For Social Media

Ahh. Social Media. It’s both a cat-meme soaked blessing, and a time-sucking #fitspo curse.

Whether it’s green smoothie recipes you’re after, networking with the ‘big wigs’ from your dream job or even just trawling old travel pics, there is, quite literally, something for everyone in this online playground.

But as we all know (a little too well might I add) it can be all too easy to spend hours on social media without having actually done anything.

So, let’s make a little less like Miss Alice and save us all some time, shall we?

All you have to do is implement these 10 time saving hacks for social media when you next log on to play and you’ll fall down it’s time-sucking rabbit hole much less. Promise.

1) The Unfriend

Most of us have been on Facebook long enough to have piled up the friends like Carrie and her Manolos. But, now that you’re a 20-something, confident woman of the world, you shouldn’t have to feel obligated to be ‘friends’ with everyone you’ve ever laid eyes on – yup it’s time for a rigorous Facebook pruning.

Here we go: unfriend that girl you had a tute with once at uni, unfriend that Brazilian guy you met in a pub in Ireland and unfriend your ex-boyfriend’s cousin’s best friend. I give you permission to unfriend anyone who’s giving you bad vibes, provides annoying status updates, or anyone that you haven’t seen in 3.5 years for that matter. Not only will this save you gallons of time, but you’ll be getting rid of tonnes of old energy that’s been streaming into your news feed.

Be ruthless. Go nuts. I dare you.

2) The Less Ballsy Unfriend

If you don’t quite have the guts to rid yourself of your Facebook ‘friends’, I strongly urge you to go to town on your next best option: hiding their content from your feed. Let’s call this one the ‘friendly’ unfriend.

All you have to do is click the arrow in the top right corner of annoying-girl-from -uni’s post, select ‘Unfollow’ and wah-lah! You no longer have to see every update about her awesome new job as an editor’s assistant. It’s like a delicious (and much-needed) spring-cleaning for your Facebook feed – without the guilt.

3) Actually Using Twitter Lists

I’ll hedge my bets here and say that the List function is probably Twitter’s most underused feature.

If you’re like most Tweeps out there, you probably follow a few hundred people – so your home feed is busier than Pitt St on a Thursday night. But it doesn’t have to be this way – you can segment your Twitter feed into self-selected lists so you only have to see tweets from one ‘list’, at any one time. So now if you’re in the mood for some pump-me-up personal development or even a bit of wanderlusting travel inspo, you can just view that specific list instead of trawling through all the junk on your news feed.

To implement this time saving trick, just click on your Twitter profile, then select ‘More’, choose ‘Lists’ from the drop down, then simply ‘Create New List’ from the right side of the page. You can make your list public or private, and filter them accordingly.Or, save yourself the time of setting up your own, and just follow lists that other people have already created (now that’s my kinda time management!).

4) Actually Using Facebook Lists

While we’re talking lists, did you know you can also makes lists within Facebook?

Yup. They’re very similar to Twitter lists and you can implement them so that the posts from certain people or pages are displayed instead of your usual news feed. You could have a list for blogs you follow, news outlets, close friends – even one for those Jennifer Lawrence fan pages you not-so-secretly enjoy. The time saver here? You’ll never really have to use your news feed again! (Can I get an Amen?)

Navigate to your Home feed and click on the ‘Interests’ section at the bottom of the left column. Then just click ‘Create List’, select who you’d like to hear from and give the list a name. You can choose to make your list private or public and view them all from your Interests panel. PS: Want another added advantage? Because you nominate who goes in which lists, you’ll be exposed to more of the messages you want to see – so you won’t miss out on the fact that Top Shop is having a free shipping sale ever again. That’s a win in my books.

5) Ditch The Notification Email

Who else is guilty of spending an hour or so on Facebook after receiving a pesky email reminding you of your cousin’s best friend’s birthday? * Raises hand *

We’ve all done it – so why not save ourselves some time and ditch the email altogether? Navigate to the email settings (far right arrow on the blue header bar, settings, notifications) and switch off all unnecessary emails.

6) Ditch The Notifications Too

And while we’re at it, why not filter what notifications we get once we’re actually inside Facebook? Yes, I know that little red highlighter hovering above the transparent globe makes you feel popular (and really, what’s the point of Facebook if it’s not to feel popular?), but strategically tailoring your updates means you’ll only be notified about important things, and not every time someone leaves a ‘LOL too funny’ on an old photo of you sculling a Strawberry Cruiser.

7) Save Yourself Some Content

One of my favourite time-saving hacks for Facebook is the newly introduced Save function. When someone posts something you’re interested in – say a recipe, an article, or a viral video – you can save the content to your account to check it out later. If you’ve saved the content, this feature means you won’t have to waste time trawling your roommate’s sister’s Facebook to find that raw cheesecake recipe she posted.

All you have to do is click the little drop down arrow in the top right on the post and select ‘Save’ – it’s too easy really. Oh, and Facebook have been quite generous and have let us keep our saved items private too. Thanks Facebook, we owe you one.

8) Save Your Instagram Hashtags

Let’s be honest – writing out all those hashtags again and again can be quite exhausting. (There’s only a certain amount of times one can write #travelgram #wanderlust #instatravel without driving themselves crazy.)

So, if you’re like me and enjoy a good hashtag (and I’m talking about the useful, searchable hashtag here, not the hilarious, ironic hashtag) why not write them all out once and save them in your notes section on your iPhone? You could have one note filled with hashtags for travel related posts, one note for wellness hashtags and just copy and paste the contents into your Instagram posts when you’re ready. You’ll save yourself some time by not having to type out #yogaeverydamnday whenever you post a picture of your green smoothie and yoga mat.

9) Only Pin When You Actually Need Something

I scrolled through my Pinterest boards the other day – you know, just to see what I was into 18 months ago – and I couldn’t believe some of the stuff I had pinned.Wedding planning inspiration, nursery décor ideas, even tips on how to stop my kids from being nasty to one another – all in the name of ‘saving them for later’. All this life stuff is years and years away for me – and while it’s nice to daydream – Pinterest probably won’t even be around then, so it kind of makes my saving these tips a bit redundant (or should I say, a waste of time).

My tip here? Pin with intention.

If you’re in need of a weekend project, pin it. If you’re after a new hairstyle, pin it. If you want to replicate your living room with look-a-like furniture from the latest Home Beautiful, by all means, pin away, but do it with intention. Don’t while away hours pinning everything under the sun just because ‘Ooh! That might come in handy one day!’ – only log on and search for things that are relevant to your life right now. If you’re serious about saving time on social media, this is one of the best tips around.

10) Stop Being So Nosy

So, what’s my number one hack for saving time on social media?

Stop being so freakin’ nosy! If we all took a hefty dose of ‘mind your own business’ we would save ourselves oodles of time on these online playgrounds. So back away from the computer, shake yourself out of nose-ville and vow to never stalk your sister’s lab-buddy’s brother in-law ever again.

What are your best ways to save time on social media? I’d love to hear how you manage to climb out of the social media rabbit hole!

Who is Chloe?

Chloe Thea is a Holistic Time Management and Productivity Coach – passionate about helping big-hearted creatives become masters of their time and energy so they can shine bigger, brighter.

Her blog, You Can Go Your Own Way  serves up practical, empowering time management tips – all with a generous side of self-love, spirituality and sparkling intention.

Her mission is to help creative women understand that sustainable productivity is deeply rooted in self-care (and luckily, long bubble baths).

More energy, more time, more productivity – that’s her signature scent.

Get Chloe’s Organised In 30 Minutes Kit , join the You Can Go Your Own Way tribe on Facebook for practical time management tips, get behind-the-scenes action on Instagram and catch her pinning away on Pinterest. 


  1. Elizabeth says:

    This is really good, and exactly what people need when it comes to a social media strategy! I always tell my clients less is more, be focused and consistent. Great post Chloe!!

  2. Sarah says:

    Great post, thank you! I didn’t know about lists in Facebook and had only a vague awareness of them in Twitter so thanks for the helpful info Chloe. Sez, I hope you’re feeling better. xx

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