12 Things 20 Something Women Need To Stop Doing. Like Right Now.

12 Things 20 Something Women Need To Stop Doing

We are suckers for punishment. We love waiting behind someone in the express line at the supermarket who clearly has 3 x the permitted 12 items and we simply adore hanging around the house all day for the plumber who said he would be there at 8:30am. Cause really where else would we possibly need to be? 

Today’s post is a push to make us 20 something women stop, listen and take charge. There is no need be “polite” about life anymore. Polite is about as boring as Zac Efron with clothes on. Let’s grab those reins today and haul in these horses before they take off with the rest of your life.

The List

1. Continuing to read a novel that sucks. Yes some fancy smancy publisher thought it the literary work of the century but you can barely keep the storyline straight and it’s the first 5 pages. Let’s say it together: put the book down.

2. Lie to your hairdresser about your new do. Want a shorter fringe? Didn’t like last month’s colour and want a change? Don’t want to buy expensive shampoo when you have a year’s supply of perfectly good Garnier at home? Woman up and tell them! If you don’t the only person who suffering is you and the poor poodle next door who thinks you’re his new love interest.

3. Tell yourself you are awesome at baking. So you had a delicious dream where you have the culinary talents of Nigella Lawson, along with the ample bosom, and you are the queen of tempting treats. It is time to come back to planet normal and realise how many ways the packet cake will change your life. Besides, do you really want to idolise someone whose drug history is still under question…

4. Hiding your intense love for Frozen. It has an incredible soundtrack, strong female leads and teaches us to always believe in ourselves. I love his work, but Eckhart Tolle is yawn-worthy next to this peppy family friendly fun.

5. Being complacent. Never take anything for granted. The moment you do Suzie Sunshine from upstairs will sweep down, grab that promotion and the new corner office and potentially seduce your man. Don’t say I didn’t warn you…

6. Trying to convince yourself you are a marathon runner. Start telling yourself that making the slow jog around the block does make you a runner of sorts. And your butt does look damn fine in those new LJ tights…

7. Taking weekends for granted. Now that we are all fully inducted into the Mon – Fri working week or the 7 day-a-week-child-wrangling career, you have realised how so very precious those two days starting with ‘S’ are. You don’t need to justify to anyone if you want to spend them at the morning markets, ice skating with a girlfriend or just sitting doing nothing watching reruns of “Young, Dumb and Living off Mum”. Stop the complaints about Mondayitis and own your weekend.

8. Embrace the pet name. So he calls you cupcake or Captain Sparrow? The only people who will laugh are your true friends and those spiteful single girls whose only romantic relationship are with the chip aisle in their local servo.

9. Stop putting people in your wedding who you don’t want there. Would you buy a $40,000 house with a room in it filled with caged rats and incessant snide remarks about your ass in that wedding dress. I didn’t think so.

10. Fighting against your parents. Now is the time to admit it is ok to have a good relationship with them now that you actually understand the things they yelled at you for all of those years ago. Hell you are half way to their age now, so you oldies have gotta band together. Probably also a good time to go over this list and apologise for each one – best to kill two birds with one stone!

11. Pretending that you will ever have any idea how to work the lawnmower or what the hell a whipper snipper does. Three words my friend: Your Man’s Job. Or alternatively, for my super awesome single gals out there: Call Jim’s Mowing. You’ll thank me later.

12. Living a version of someone else’s life. It might have been cool in your teens to dress like X-tina and have every copy of “So Fresh” but in hindsight it all seems a little irrelevant. By now you are pretty much set in your ways so you better get comfy there and snuggle on in, you are stuck with you now!

So that’s it. Aim to stop doing at least two items of this list. Make a goal for this week, write it in your diary, tattoo it on your forehead.

My 20 something ladies, which of these do you need to stop doing the most?  Are there any others you would like to add to my list?
Shout it out loud and proud in the comments below! 

Much love and till later

Sez xx



    • Sarah says:

      Yes definitely! And also to stop listening to the judgement of others when you proclaim who you want to be, it’s not there life to lead! Thanks for reading Kim :)

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you Chloe, glad you enjoyed it! I think we all definitely need to stop doing at least one of these to take back some power over our lives :)

    • Sarah says:

      Yes I saw it a long time after it came out but had the whole soundtrack stuck in my head for a week after! Will definitely remind you to always believe in yourself :)
      Glad you enjoyed the list x

  1. Sarah says:

    Hi Rebecca,

    Yes weekends are so precious and we sometimes do spend too much time slobbing about when the sun is shining outside! I think I keep telling myself I need to rest but then end up not doing anything active that I would need to rest from :)

    Glad you enjoyed the read, hope to see you around the blog again and will check out your site!

    Sez x

    • Sarah says:

      Thanks Sarah! Yes I am beginning to realise they aren’t specifically for 20 somethings and that all women could probably do with stopping a few of these. Congrats on the progress of your blog, I’ve been following along! xx

    • Sarah says:

      Now this was a good mid week giggle Jess :) I actually like his message but you’re right about his delivery. The only way I can read the book is sitting in a completely quiet room and concentrate so hard my brain hurts. It is dense stuff!
      Hope you enjoyed the read :) x

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