Now Stop. Confession Time.

In the world of copywriting, a rebellion has begun. The enemy? Too many cliches, not enough editing and an explosion of “sameness” unidentifiable in cause but deadly in consequence.

Signed By Sez has taken up arms and alongside me in battle IS.YOU.

The online world has never been filled with more crap. With 600 new websites created every minute, online audiences are overwhelmed, confused and determined not to spend their short attention spans on the same stuff they read yesterday. Unfortunately for  your online home, it’s barely a blip on the radar.

You want:

More eyes on your products/services

More genuine connection with people who speak your language

More money to fund your freedom to answer to no one

Enter Signed By Sez stage right.

Signed By Sez works with female bloggers and entrepreneurs to write relatable copy and sell.more.stuff. Together we’ll ditch the ordinary and weave words to propel you into the profitable.

At Signed By Sez; mediocrity is the enemy and if it’s hilarious? Simply a bonus. 

Signed By Sez Nation

The Signed By Sez nation is for women like you. You’re passionate about your online venture and so you should be. You kinda rock.

You wear a badge that reads “OWN BOSS” and look damn good doing it. But when you moved into the world of digital products, it just ain’t hitting the sweet spot.

Number of inquiries = 3

Number of newsletter sign ups = 7

Number of dollars spent on too many online courses you haven’t even opened = too many to admit

and all this equals

Actual Profit Dollars = $0

“Yes! That’s exactly what is happening but I don’t understand? Where am I going wrong with my copy?”

You’re ambitious but confused. 
Driven but directionless. 
Passionate but stagnant.

This isn’t what you signed up for.

You want to know where your copywriting is going wrong. Why you are making zero traction. Why your audience isn’t picking up what you are putting down.

Sales copy that’s not selling. 
Ebooks that aren’t connecting. 
Newsletters that aren’t inspiring.  

And after months of busting your ass, it’s frankly getting you down.

You want out of this and into copy that You want to invest in doing it right the first time.

Weaving words to compel, propel and SELL.

No need to fear, salvation is here.

“Words can inspire and words can destroy. Choose yours well.” Robin Sharma

I believe words are the most important tool in getting your audience to understand your vision and get jiggy with it (in the form of opening their wallets)

Sure there is design. There is pretty handwritten fonts and on-trend metallic colour palettes. There is professionally designed social media icons and Instagram quotes. But while the trends change every six months, words.remain.king.

But you already know these things.

You know that

a beautiful designed ebook is only as good as the first paragraph of the introduction.

a 200 strong newsletter tribe is only as good as the people who sign up for your ecourse

So now it’s your turn to step up to the plate and transform your digital products.

What are you going to do? 

Don’t continue polluting the online world with more ordinary. People want to be entertained. They want something they’ll send to their friends. They want something memorable.

Take the first step with me and move closer to unique and disruptive copy that WORKS.

At Signed By Sez, mediocrity is the enemy. 

The Face Behind Signed By Sez

Sarah L Bown

26, Australian, vertically challenged and able to stuff my whole forearm in a Pringles tube.

After completing a degree in Media and Journalism, I skipped out of those big oak doors ready to cure all that is wrong with copywriting in this world.

I’ve worked in communications and marketing for four years, specialising in word wrangling and perfecting the art of proofreading. I’ve worked for big corporates, tv stations, NGO’s and health and wellness solopreneurs. I’ve written about modems, paleo diets, university degrees and Mongolian traditions. I’ve written in Cyrillic and Italian. Albeit badly.

I am a recovering goal addict. A passable skier. A not-so-closet Masterchef fan.

I read voraciously. Jane Austen. Seth Godin. The guy who writes the TV guide. My sponsor at Readers Anonymous thinks I might have a problem.

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