Spring It On – Why You Need a September Life Revamp

Spring It On - Why You Need A September Life Revamp
After what felt like a lifetime, my hibernation as an Eskimo has almost ended and today Spring is finally here. Traditionally Spring is a time for beautiful gardens, delicious new green vegetables and cutesy wootsy baby animals.
It is the season of renewal, when Old Man Winter is banished back to his frozen land and we can commence our three months of thaw until Summer comes and we lay around excessively sweating and wishing Winter was back. Ah humans, we’re a fickle bunch! 

So as well as having some new baby animal friends and a plethora of new flora to look at (or is it fauna, I always get confused!), September is the perfect time for a life revamp, meaning it’s not too late to still try new things and make change happen.

Time To Spring It On 

Over in Signed By Sez land over the last few weeks, when the air starts to lose it’s chill and you don’t have to wear 3 pairs of socks around the house, things have started moving in a direction I call: on route to awesomeness. In the last 3 weeks I’ve had 2 submissions successfully accepted to two of my favouritist (artistic license allows me to make up words) corners of the internet – Levo League and Thought Catalog. At the same time I’ve featured in an interview for Chloe Thea on her blog of amazingness and recently have been asked to the newest contributing writer for GenTwenty.com. So things are all coming up roses for Sez at the moment! In the interest of keeping hold of this positive energy I’m springing it on and making a pact to get my butt more into the new and remove it from the “sad and boring doing-the-same-stuff-all-the-time realm”. 

What best way to demonstrate this attitude then compiling a list of new things to try for 2014. This awesome idea comes from Sarah Von Bargen over at Yes and Yes, whose incredible blog is only surpassed by her relatable writing style and fun loving attitude.

Here’s a nod to you Sarah and my List of Things To Try In 2014

1. Learn to Ski

2. Meditate, somewhat successfully

3. Complete the City To Bay (12km) “fun” run (that f word should be used loosely)

4. Host a dinner party

5. Meet someone famous

6. Try bee pollen

7. Drink a cosmopolitan

8. Scuba Dive

9. Recevie a fan letter

10. Send flowers to myself

11. Host a Twitter chat

12. Spend the day at a spa

13. Buy decent linen

14. Sell something on the internet

15. Make a gingerbread house

16. Take a totally new route to work

17. Try Bikram yoga

18. Make a cake out of crepes

19. Give $50 to a charity

20. Listen to and grow an appreciation for classical music

With this list lies my promise to ignore my immediate instinct to say no and get all up in “yes” land and live a life revamped. And of course because you lovely readers are my homedogs, I’ll be sharing the journey with you as we tick off each item one by one. (And between you and me that is secretly the best part of this whole process, ticking things of my to-do list is like crack to me. Sad but true). 

Complacency is the enemy of growth, success and bad fashion sense so it is out the window with “this is how I always do it” and in through the door with “let’s try it this way”.

Is your sad list of New Year’s Resolutions looking a little worse for wear? Have you hidden it in a drawer somewhere ashamed of the rows of unticked goals you really thought you would have done by now?

You have two options, either bust that bad boy out and use this 2/3 mark of the year as a reminder there is still time, or else tear it up and write a new one. You will be surprised how much you can accomplish in 4 months.  Don’t make the rest of the year a write off – the only person you are cheating is yourself (but you already knew that didn’t you!). 

What goals/areas of your life have you been getting all “blurgh” about? What change can you make to ensure these last 4 months are worth it?  Let me know in the comments below! 




    • Sarah says:

      I like that prioritisation :) I like to just make tiny change first, little things can make the biggest difference! Thanks for reading :)

  1. Sarah Poppy says:

    Great post Sarah and congratulations on all your achievements in the past three weeks – awesome work. Crazy to think we only have 4 months left of the year. Love this quote – Complacency is the enemy of growth, success and bad fashion sense so it is out the window with “this is how I always do it” and in through the door with “let’s try it this way”. I’m going to write myself a list for the next four months so that I know I will achieve it.

    • Sarah says:

      Oh yay I’m so happy I’ve inspired you to do a list :) I was a bit nervous to do it at first because I don’t like to fail but this year has been a hard one for me in many ways and while sometimes I just want to write it off and start 2015 afresh, there is still 4 months to go. Life is accomplished in the little things we do everyday :) Look forward to seeing your list! x

  2. Pearl - Pretty Mayhem says:

    I am a big fan of Sarah from yesandyes as well and I love her ‘new things’ posts too. I generally do seasonal bucket lists rather than yearly ones but I must say your list of things to try in 2014 sounds pretty awesome. I think it’s also a great idea to share your progress with your readers! I can’t wait to read more.

    • Sarah says:

      Thank you so much for the kind words Pearl! Yes I am a huge Sarah fan (must be a name thing!) and loved seeing how she incorporated tiny bits of the new into everyday life. Yes I’m also keen to share my progress, will have to make sure I get photographic proof for everyone who follows along! Thanks so much for reading xx

  3. Sarah says:

    Thanks for the great post Sez. Definitely has my brain ticking over. I want to prioritise – finishing some study I’ve started, getting outdoors for walks on weekends, spending less lunch breaks in front of my computer and getting back to yoga regularly. :) I haven’t come across Yes and Yes before so thanks for the tip. I’ll head on over and check it out.

    • Sarah says:

      Those all sound like excellent goals, especially the lunch breaks in front of the computer. I’ve taken to timetabling in a short walk into my calendar just so I get out of the office for a bit! Sarah from Yes and Yes is amazing, hope you enjoy :) x

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