“There are books of which the backs and covers are the best parts” Charles Dickens


  • Copywriting services for female bloggers and entrepreneurs who want profitable online businesses

  • Dozens of writing techniques guaranteed to re-ignite your copy, spark unique clarity and be SUPER relatable




I’m starting a club.

Like The BabySitters Club but cooler (and that is PRETTY cool).

As the newest member of this club you are:

  • Starting your online creative business or blog and wanting to make a big splash with your messsage but it’s.just.not.coming.together
  • Experienced in the biz but struggling for momentum because your copy is feeling a little tired. Recycled. Cool in 2004.
  • Someone who spent $$$ on the latest fan-dangled design but is now fighting to find words for your business to connect, compel and sell.more.copies
  • Someone who refreshed their Paypal account or Sign Up page 57 times today . Oh lady you need to stop doing that….


Signed By Sez is AGAINST copywriting that is:

– Mediocre

– Copy cat

– Forced

– Inconsistent

– Written by a five year old 


Signed By Sez is FOR copyrighting that has:

– A unique angle

– Tight, succinct and STRIKING messaging

– Copy that entertains. People want to laugh and nod along. Not be put to sleep.


Ok so this all sounds pretty good.

I’m pickin’ up what your puttin’ down.

But let’s be honest, there are ALOT of copywriters out there in online land.

Why Signed By Sez?


Well I would say WHY THE HELL NOT but allow me to elaborate…..



1. I don’t mind if you’re not a repeat customer.

“This girl is all kinds of cray cray” I hear you cry! Of course I love all of my clients and you’ll still make my Christmas list. But the difference between Signed By Sez and all other copywriters is I want you to take the reins and ride off into sweet copy land on your own. Growth. Independence. Unbridled Enthusiasm (pun totally intended)

With my Uniquely You COPY Report Cards, you’ll get unlimited access to the techniques I use to make your copy bangin’ so you can apply them to future online words.

You know what they say – don’t buy them fish.

Teach them to build a boat, learn sea safety, sew a fishing net and get out there to catch their own.

You + the Copy Report Card = World (Word) Domination.


2. I am the personal trainer of the copywriting world. 

At Signed By Sez mediocrity is the enemy. My mission is to rid the world of the traditional in an immense world of online noise, one person at a time.

You won’t get heard above all the noise with the “same old, same old” #sorrynotsorry

I will push you to find the UNIQUE way to write your message. And I mean PUSH. I’m like the personal trainer of copywriting. I want you to stand out. Sometimes we just have to wring it out of you a little.

Now drop and give me 5 compelling ebook titles!


3. I practice everything.single.thing I preach.


I will not tell you to triple edit everything and then have a spelling mistake in my emails to you. I won’t tell you to journal 10 pages every morning when realistically I might do 3 pages four days and then eff all the rest.

I won’t tell you to do things I don’t do, because I don’t waste my time with things that don’t work. Capish?




I will:

  • Ask you a bunch of questions about your message, your style, your favourite ice cream flavour to get an idea of the direction you want to float your online houseboat

  • Become one with your copy. Sparks will be flying and the automatic drill may come out.

  • Send through the updated content for you to upload all shining and sparkly to your web baby

I’ll also provide you with a completely FREE individually tailored Copy Report Card, detailing things to look out for copy wise so you can continue writing fab new content with my points in mind. My job is to show you to flaws and then teach you to buff them out yourself so you won’t need me anymore.

Writing Renovations + FREE Copy Report Card + virtual hugs + NY-Times-Best-Seller-vibes = $159


Scribbled away for weeks and your beloved ebook is finally ready? Good work! The only thing sexier than a man who voluntarily rubs your feet everyday is a tight, clean and super squeaky edit. And there is no one who loves to go cray cray with a red pen more than me.


For ebooks/course handbooks/actual books/fan letters to Marie Forleo less than 30 pages

$95 + Optional Copy Report Card ($15) = $110


For more than 30 pages and up to 60

$225 + Optional Copy Report Card ($15) = $240


So women of the online world what say you about taking control of your copywriting and committing to being better, bolder and more eloquent. 


“Ok I’m sold!”

“Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours!”

“When do we start?”


Contact to get started!






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